Ode to Rita Levin (Rita Levin) and our new home :)

"Ode to Rita Levin (Rita Levin) and our new home :)
Friends, I want to share info about a wonderful person - Rita Levin. However, I think many of you are already familiar with it.
Imagine people who, like, have conceived the idea of ​​buying a house. First they want a big house, then a small one. They collect money for expensive housing, then decide that they will not pull. Then they need 5 bedrooms, then 3 is enough. Then submit the site, then you can do without it.
Then they find a home and rejoice. "Rita," they say, "prepare the papers." In a day people become overwhelmed with fear and they go back on track. And so several times. Seven Fridays in a week, damn :)
And Rita does not give up - Rita is looking for. And now, later I do not know how much time and spent Ritin nerves (our do not count :) - WE HAVE A HOUSE. URRA !!! Without Rita would not happen :) I recommend it to everyone! " -Irina Rogozhkina