We worked with Rita Levin from January to May 2015.

"We worked with Rita Levin from January to May 2015. Half a year later I write a review, objective, not affected by the wow effect of buying a house." This was our first experience of buying a house here, so there's nothing to compare with, but I will try to pass my experience as 
well.Thus, the pluses: + Productivity.Working with Rita, you get two realtors (+ Anna) -
Very productive in terms of inspection of houses - sometimes we went for an inspection an hour later as the house was put up for sale. Rita quickly realized what we needed. As a result, we examined only those houses - which fell under the bulk of our criteria. Sometimes, and so Rita calls: "Here's the house, yes, I understand, a little further, but the house is interesting - worth a look." If we were interested - went to watch. Rita works brightly, many times it was "Just left the house, look at the description / forks." If you like, we meet there in an hour. " But at the same time when choosing whether to give or not - no pressure, gives time to think, if required - then go look at the house again. + No pressure, customer opinion is more important.
+ Patience. Patience Rita does not hold. So much to spend time with customers who have the desire to change several times in a week (we want it, tomorrow is already) and at the same time stay high - it's professionalism. 
+ Openness - that I really love in business relations so it's 
openness. Communication with the agents was open to us, there was no deaf phone or "gag". Before calling the agent, Rita called us first - she was advised. 
Any questions about the process of buying a house Rita answers honestly with understanding. If something can not answer, then he will tell someone who should be asked about this issue. For example: "And for this item, it is better to consult the lender" 
+ The speed of the transaction - (writing an auction - filing - bidding - a transaction). In
Rita it is so put on the conveyor (at least standard transactions), that for some this "haste" may seem a minus. For me, this is a plus. Short term of the transaction strengthens the weight of the scope. My advice is to discuss with the turnkey all conditions for entering the deal so that during the transaction there are no surprises for you and everything went smoothly so that you do not have to change conditions on the fly and even more so choose another creditor. 
Just here you can relate the hasty manner of Rita's work. Well, for me 
, it's a plus too. When looking for a home, especially at this time, you need to be nimble, as good houses fly away like pies. 
- one aspect that has not been illuminated until the end of the transaction is the payment of bills (electricity, gas, water, equipment leasing and so on) - who to pay, with whom to contact, what figures? But in our case it was not a problem. 
- "rush" as I mentioned above. This point is in doubt. On the subjective opinion of some it may seem a minus. Some of our friends started working with Rita, but were slightly embarrassed by this manner of work and decided to use the services of other realtors. But after several months of throwing from one realtor to another, the nerves were returned, back: "Rita, help us" As a result, the guys stayed with the house. 
--Alexey Makhalov
"Rita is a wonderful realtor, we absolutely got acquainted with her, bought a house that is very pleased, and now, after two years, we continue to communicate. And I always recommend Rita to all my acquaintances. " 
-Irina Furmanova