‚ÄčWhether you are a first time seller or someone who is already familiar with the process, chances are you can benefit from having an experienced ally who knows the market inside out.

At Levin Davidoff we can help you sell your property in the shortest possible time, at the highest possible price. We are committed to finding the right buyer for your property and making sure that in the end everyone feels good about their end of the deal.

Make your home look its best before you put it on the market
Before you are ready to show off your property, you need to make sure that it looks as inviting as it possibly can. After all, in the business of real estate first impressions often define your chances for a successful and quick sale. Our team can help you make your home look its best. We have an eye for little things that can make a big difference in potential buyers’ feelings about the place. Sometimes a thorough clean up is enough. In other cases we can advise you to move or store away pieces of furniture, paint a certain wall, or fix little things here and there. If you’d rather hire someone to do these things for you, we will be able to recommend professionals in your area. If you are selling a place you no longer live in, we can help you stage it and make it look more inviting and home like. We are committed to making this experience as easy and painless for you as possible. Pick the right asking price the first time around
It is hard to overemphasize the importance of setting the right price. The longer your property sits on the market, the higher are the chances that you are not going to get the money you are asking for. When picking the price, it is important to consider recent activities on the market, sales statistics, and prices of the competition. Our agents always stay on top of these things. We know how to beat the competition and get you the best possible deal.

Marketing and visibility are huge factors in your success
Pictures, captions, brochures, flyers, and descriptions are all powerful marketing tools. At Levin Davidoff we know what features usually interest buyers the most and make sure to include detailed descriptions of them into your marketing materials. We underline all of the best features of your property in order to show potential buyers why you think it is worth the money you are asking for. At the same time, we are careful not to go overboard. When potential buyers make their personal visit, the impression the property produced on them online should be reinforced, not ruined. You do not want people coming over just to discover that the property looks much better in pictures or does not have the features they expected to see. Finally, our agents will make sure that your listing gets maximum online visibility on websites visited by buyers and their real estate brokers.